US Poker School $5k Challenge

Recently, we were presented with a $2,500 bet/challenge from our friends at

This occurred after we stated that 2 of us could take a $5,000 bankroll and turn it into $25,000 or more in one month playing strict bankroll management and high volume.

Challenge accepted.

The Termsusps5kchallenge

Starting Bankroll: $5,000

Time Frame: 1 month. We will be going from June 12th – July 12th. We will play Poker Stars from outside of the U.S. (Costa Rica). This will coincide well with great game selection, as a lot of the top online players in the world will be in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker during this period of time, and not be able to play Poker Stars since they will be inside the U.S. This should means weaker competition and softer games.

Accounts: 2 players, 2 accounts. U.S. Poker School coaches GraveDanger3 and Every1sProblem (PokerStars screen names) will be playing PokerStars.

Bankroll Strategy: We will be playing strictly tournaments.

Week 1: Play it safe and try and create a buffer early. This means we will mostly play all the $5 – $50 tournaments available at first. We will play a few satellites into larger events as well. The idea is to play lower stakes and build up the roll a few thousand or more, while still giving ourselves a few shots at big money.

In the proceeding weeks we will be taking more shots and more risks as the month draws closer to an end.

The Goal: Make $25k or more in 1 month.

We will be keeping an updated blog of our progress on Good luck us, see you at the finish line.