Phil Ivey Folds AK to AA Preflop

Great Fold By Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is still the best in the world. Watch this short clip to help illustrate why.

This was is the $1 million buy-in tournament at the WSOP this year. It was filled with some of the best and most aggressive poker players in the world.

What was Ivey thinking?

Now this may not seem so crazy to some people, and indeed in a lot of ways its not that crazy.

But it is an example of when to fold AK and why. Phil Ivey recently tweeted “I saw a lot of tweets about me folding AK to AA pre-flop on the One Drop episode. Always consider situations & what opponents are capable of“.

He is basically saying that he did not think that this specific opponent in the hand would ever 4 bet before the flop without KK or AA, at least in this specific tournament and situation. Even if his opponent could or would 4 bet with a worse hand than those, it is not often enough to make a real difference.

Also, they were pretty deep stacked, and I believe Ivey thought even if he was racing it just wasn’t worth it for that many chips.

So based on the situation and his opponents capabilities, he made a great fold with AK. A spot where a lot of pros could make an excuse to go all in and go broke.

In the words of Shyne Po, that’s gangster.

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