California and Pennsylvania Looking to Regulate Online Poker

5833583Other states are attempting to make their entrance into the regulated online poker arena joining Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Those states are California and Pennsylvania. Four Online Poker Hearings Scheduled In California with the first one taking place on April 27th. Pennsylvania already had a hearing back on April 16th on Internet Gaming and Mobile Gaming.

California’s AB 431 Bill

The first of the four hearings scheduled plans to discuss AB 431 which was introduced by Assembly member Adam Gray.Gray’s bill goes on to say “This bill would authorize the operation of an Internet poker website within the borders of the state.

The bill would require the commission, in consultation with the department, to promulgate regulations for intrastate Internet poker. The bill would require those regulations to include, but not be limited to, a licensing process for an individual or entity to become an operator of an Internet poker website and rules for the operation of an Internet poker website.”

California’s hearing two & three

These hearings are more are more informational and look to take place on May 20th and June 24th. What is expected to be covered is the “Overview of Gambling in California Legality, Authorization, and Regulation” and “The Legality of Internet Poker. How Prepared is California to Regulate It?”

California’s AB 9 & AB 167 Bill

The last of the four hearings is looking to take place on July 8th and will cover Assemblyman Mike Gatto AB 9 bill which would be known as the Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015, would establish a framework to authorize intrastate Internet poker.

Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s AB 167 Bill which favored the Morongo/PokerStars coalition and also is inclusive to racetracks.

PA looking to also join the party

Pennsylvania’s House Gaming Oversight Committee held an almost 2 hour hearing on an online gaming proposal on April 17th.

Rep. John Payne’s H.B. 649, was the topic discussed.

The hearing in Harrisburg featured testimony about how online gaming works well in other jurisdictions, in Europe, as well as in three U.S. states—Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Thousands of high-tech jobs are created through the legalization of online poker, and tax revenue is generated for the jurisdiction in which the games are run.

Pennsylvania is looking to one day enter into a compact with another state that offers regulated online poker for increased online poker liquidity. Proof that such liquidity can exist as the success of Delaware and Nevada combining their player pools went smooth with no hiccups.

The next section of the hearing by Games Laboratories International about the engineering aspect of on-line gaming. On-line gaming had been in comparison with on-line banking, that’s well-regulated and enhanced the industry. On line poker may be run just well as online bank accounts. This safeguard will also be generally there to counteract kids producing accounts.

PA concluded with an analyst not too long ago of which licensed on-line poker may very well be worth up to $129 mil per year. Furthermore, it discovered house-banked casino games might reach $178 mil per year. Senator Jay Costa said he’s willing to look at the proposals.