Jesse No_Xcape Elliot

May Player Spotlight – Jesse ‘No_Xcape’ Elliot

Jesse No_Xcape ElliotJesse Elliot, better known to New Jersey poker players as No_Xcape is one of the well respected and most talented poker players around.

Currently ranked 5th in New Jersey according to, Elliot’s accomplishments have been stellar thus far. With over $176,000 in online cashes, he has wins in the WSOP $40,000 guarantee, WSOP $25,000 guarantee, and the Party/Borgata Poker $50,000 guarantee for a combined $27,475.

For 2015, he is looking to improve on his performance from a year ago. We sat with Jesse to get a glimpse of how his poker career is developing in the Garden State.

How long have you been playing poker both live and online?

Jesse Elliot: I always played five card draw with my friends when I was little. We used to also gamble our Magic the gathering cards playing Acey Duecy. I didn’t get into holdem until the Money Maker boom like everyone else. (boring yea I know, lol). I started playing online when i was in college. I miss Full Tilt Poker, that skin was my favorite site to play on.

Is poker your only source of income?

Jesse Elliot: Yes, two years ago I quit my full time job to pursue my poker “career”. I even told my boss that was the reason I was doing so. He told me I was nuts. The first year I grinded live MTT’s at the local casino’s for about 20 hours each week. I made a profit doing so but with gas/tolls/food it was hard to make a decent wage. Thankfully online poker came back in NJ in 2013 and I’ve been able to make a pretty good living off of that.

How many hours a week do you play?

Jesse Elliot: I typically play four – 6 hour days; then on Sunday I put in a 10-12 hour day. That was been working pretty well for me. The 6 hour sessions keep my mind fresh and Sunday is a long day because you can’t afford to miss all the high guarantees. The hardest part is forcing yourself to take a day off. You sit at home knowing you could log in and make money but rest and having a life outside of poker is crucial.

What did you do before poker?

Jesse Elliot: I was a Security Supervisor in Clifton, New Jersey. I also have an Associates Degree from Bergen Community College.

How would you grade your 2014 performance with live and online poker?

Jesse Elliot: 2014 was great for me online. I finished top 5 in New Jersey for MTT players on Bluff’s rankings and Pocketfives as well. Live was okay, but I really don’t get a chance to play live. I average about 1 live tournament a month. This year I’m going to try to make more of an effort to get some big live scores. I just chopped the last Borgata Spring event and also shipped the Parx daily Saturday in February 2015 for $6,794.

Do does the competition of ranking websites like Pocketfives or Pokerdb motivate you?

Jesse Elliot: Yes the rankings definitely push me to be a better player. The money is nice but if your main goal isn’t to be the best, your not going to get very far in poker. I live to compete and hopefully this year I can finish higher for Player of the year.

Got any 2015 poker goals?

Jesse Elliot: This year I would love to best my finish of top five for the BLUFF Player Of The Year on It’s one thing to do it once but to finish top five back to back years would prove it’s not a fluke.

Do you feel online poker has improved your live game?

Jesse Elliot: Online poker improves your live game tremendously. I get to see more hands per hour and experience every situation you could possibly think of. Players who solely play live are at a huge disadvantage.