No PokerStars, No Problem – Days 5 & 6 of the Challenge

After a week full of bank visits and phone calls, we are still not able to play PokerStars. It should be ready any day now, but we’ve put the challenge on hold until we’re up and running.

We’ve decided to stay longer than we had planned, as this place is paradise. Not sure how much longer just yet. As soon as were back playing we’ll be sure to upload some of our tournament wins in the videos section.

This video is of the pool at The Palms/The Crocs. The Crocs is a brand new casino on the quiet beaches of North Jaco. I recommend it to anyone visiting Jaco as it’s pretty nice. Definitely go to Crocs over the Casino Cocal, which is basically just a huge haven for hookers at this point. Cheers.