July 4th, Grinding, & Surfing

Fourth of July weekend was an all out grind for us as we played almost around the clock. We were able to make a couple of final tables that had great payouts.


The nightly $27 25k Guaranteed is a favorite of ours and usually pays around $6k to first. I made the final table and was about 3rd in chips of the 6 people left. A player shoved allin with A8 and I called with AA for the chip lead. He ran out a straight with his 8 and I was obviously furious.

I finished 5th shortly after that vital hand. Our luck did not turn on Sunday as Dave got 10th place in the $200 Sunday Second Chance, winner took $32,000 in that baby. It sucked, and the key hand was getting it all in on the final table bubble with AQ vs A4 for 30 big blinds and to move onto the final table. We chopped the hand unfortunately and busted with A9<88 shortly after.

Tides Turning

Today, I took down two tournaments a $5 rebuy for $1100 and an $8 rebuy Omaha tournament for about $850. We made a couple other final tables too so it was a profitable day and morale is great.

Yesterday, Dave suffered the beat of the trip so far deep in the Big $22 which starts in the afternoon and pays $10,000 to first. He was 5th in chips with 50 players left and raised with AA on the button. The big blind reshoved 25 blinds with AQ and promptly hits a flush to crack his AA for the chiplead. This game is very sick and we’ve seen all sorts of beats so far this trip. But we’re all in agreement that this is just what were supposed to be doing right now, and that the best has yet to come.

Costa Rica continues to be a dreamland. Great routine going of working out, reading/writing at beach and then grinding at night. We took a trip to Jaco to surf for the day which was awesome. I had a great early ride which made me venture out further past the break. All was cool until an enormous set came out of nowhere. I had paddled over a big wave only to see one twice the size behind it and primed to break before me. I thought the surfboard was going to drag me or something so I took off the leash to get under the wave. I was messed up pretty good and had to wade back to shore tired as hell. Waves are nice though and as soon as we get a huge score well be doing a lot more surfing.

As of today July 9th, our bankroll is up to $11,800 which put us up $6,800 after a little more than 2 weeks of playing. We’re not upset about it, but certainly not content with it either.

US Poker School $25k Challenge Update: