Final Table Bubble Boy -$175k Sunday 2nd Chance.  Sweet.

Close Calls & Small Profits – $25k Challenge Week 2

Final Table Bubble Boy -$175k Sunday 2nd Chance.  Sweet.

Final Table Bubble Boy -$175k Sunday 2nd Chance. Sweet.

Week 2 was more bitter than sweet, but we managed to make a little bit of money after running pretty poorly overall, as well as playing more of the higher stakes with minimal success in those.

The highlights were a 1st in a $11 tournament for just over $1k, a chop in a $27 Super Bounty tournament for just about $2,000 (including bounties), and a 10th place finish in the Sunday 2nd Chance for $2,000 which was a decent score but frustrating, as winner got $33,000 and there were big money jumps at the final table.

We profited $1,800 on the week, bringing the overall profit to $5,900 on the trip, halfway through the challenge. We’re optimistic that we will still hit the goal amount, as we’re constantly running super deep in big tournaments. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before one breaks and we get it all in one shot.

Tough week, but up is up, and we’re looking forward to grinding and playing high stakes these last couple of weeks.

We’re taking the day off today, hang out on the beach and relax, and probably start again late tonight.

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