A $5k boost to the bankroll in the Sunday Pacific Rim.

Breakthrough – $25k Challenge Update

It was a pretty good Sunday for us, and close to a great one. We ended up profiting just over $5,500 on the day, making it our best day yet of the month.

A $5k boost to the bankroll in the Sunday Pacific Rim.

A $5k boost to the bankroll in the Sunday Pacific Rim.

The highlights came in a 2 way chop in the $215 Pacific Rim for just under $5k. Then we had a 4th in a $30k for $1,200, as well as a 6th in a $55 tournament for $1,400. Our buyins added up to a couple thousand across our two accounts, so our profit was slightly smaller than we thought it would be. The Pacific Rim victory will be added to our videos section soon.

We have had a few days where we profited 1 or 2 thousand, but yesterday finally came through for us.

The beat of the day happened in our 6th place finish in the $30k. I raised with 66 and was called by the big blind. The flop came 996, and we flopped a full house. Our opponent had K8, and the board ran out turn 8, river 9, giving him a higher full house. He was just about 1% to win that pot on the flop, and it was a huge pot. That unlucky beat cost us a few more thousand.

Sundays can generally be a little scary, especially if you don’t have a super robust bankroll. It’s the day the most people play, and the prize pools are huge. You can basically have a shot at life changing money ever Sunday. However if you’re not careful, you can easily spend a few thousand or more on buyins. It can really sting when you have a bad Sunday.

All in all a good day. Taking today off and spending it at beach. Probably will start playing tonight again though, time is money.

Our bankroll is up to over $16k now, bringing our profits on the challenge up to $11,600. We have 9 days left to reach our goal, complete the challenge, and win the bet for an extra $2,500. We need to make about $8,500 in these last 9 days.

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