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$25k Challenge – Final Week

Our final week of the challenge didn’t go terribly, but we fell short of our goal as well as the bet we made by $6,800. It was a super tough last week, with lots of deep runs in big tournaments. Unfortunately none of the big ones quite panned out for us in the end. Aside […]

Breakthrough – $25k Challenge Update

It was a pretty good Sunday for us, and close to a great one. We ended up profiting just over $5,500 on the day, making it our best day yet of the month. The highlights came in a 2 way chop in the $215 Pacific Rim for just under $5k. Then we had a 4th […]

Close Calls & Small Profits – $25k Challenge Week 2

Week 2 was more bitter than sweet, but we managed to make a little bit of money after running pretty poorly overall, as well as playing more of the higher stakes with minimal success in those. The highlights were a 1st in a $11 tournament for just over $1k, a chop in a $27 Super […]

Week 1 Results $25k Challenge – Up $4,100

After thousands of tournaments and hundreds of Howard Stern interviews, we are up $4,100 on the first official week of the challenge. The highlights were a 2nd in the PokerStars “Big $4″ for $1,800 early in the week, a win in a $5 tournament for $1,500, and a 4th in the Big $16 for $1,200 […]

$25k Challenge Mid Week Update – Week 1

Since I last posted, we have put in a couple long sessions of 12 hours + and came out with a few wins.  We took down a $3 tournament for just over $1,000 and had a few other top 3 finishes worth about $500 a piece. So far were up a total $3,200 in the first […]

Day 7 & 8 – Back on PokerStars

Since early Saturday morning, our PokerStars accounts have been back on the grind.  Once on, we both put in a super long session, grinding tons of tournaments for about 24 hours.   It was like Christmas morning. We’re playing small stakes for the first week, mostly $5 and $10 tournaments in hopes of padding the […]

No PokerStars, No Problem – Days 5 & 6 of the Challenge

After a week full of bank visits and phone calls, we are still not able to play PokerStars. It should be ready any day now, but we’ve put the challenge on hold until we’re up and running. We’ve decided to stay longer than we had planned, as this place is paradise. Not sure how much […]